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We uncover surprising insights and help design novel experiences

We believe we can help build a world where one gets ill no more. If that sounds disruptive, we explain you why it is not. The key is to add delight to your current products &services by unlocking & connecting data silos. We help you doing exactly that. To accomplish this we scout worldwide, across all domains to uncover and let you explore, in an expert-curated newsletter, the newest insights to make you better in your job to be done.

Expert-curated ideation newsletter

The newest discoveries, start-ups or unexpected insights tailored to your interests

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Tailor-made keynotes and workshops

Inspires to take action, to develop well-grounded strategies, build alignment...

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Actionable connectors

Plug new knowledge into your existing workflows and consume real-world health data

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Expert-curated newsletter

A periodical, personalized update into your mailbox with the newest discoveries, start-ups or unexpected insights tailored to your job to be done. We learn which topics are most relevant to you.

Based on your interests Healthskouts can provide you new insights into chosen topics, unlocking unknown unknowns beyond existing knowledge barriers & silos in the process.

This comprises emerging start-ups, novel science & technologies (digital and beyond), design ideas, relevant business models (from other verticals), evidence-based findings, relevant failure- and success stories based on real world data, as well as strategic insights.


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Inspiring keynotes

Koen Kas’s stunning keynotes on the future of healthcare show the transformative and disruptive impact of new technologies on healthcare. Using a fireworks of examples he morphs latest breakthroughs in medicine and technology, design and the arts, with business insight from different industries.

They motivate and inspire audiences to take action, to develop well-grounded strategies beyond the pill, to build alignment, and to fully exploit existing resources & capabilities. In short, he shows just any healthcare stakeholder how to delight his customer.

A selection of Koen's keynotes can be downloaded here or on his personal homepage.

Building connectors

Connectors unlock data across fields and industies, combine them with design, technology and business model innovations. Because we connect over different verticals we are able to create novel, unexpected solutions & experiences to the patient/customer journey.
We make sure they can be plugged into your workflows, whether you're a pharma/lifesciences hightech/insurtech play, a hospital or a care provider.

The connectors we build fit into 5 big themes we work on:

Extreme patient delight

Deliver to your patients what they didn't realize you could. Obtain patient loyalty by offering unprecedented service levels, far beyond classic approaches such as pills and clinical surgeries.

A day in the life of ...

Make use of the abundance of real world health data, generated by 24/7 tracking of a person's daily life (e.g., activity levels, eating habits, living environments, stress levels).

Enrichment through genome knowledge

Introduce a genome feature to the party

Towards N=1 in health

Develop an accurate 360 view on a person's health status allowing for real personalized medicine and disease prevention.

Connecting health players with Lego tape

Join forces with other health players and build creative, flexible solutions. The same as sticking building blocks on a versatile Lego tape!


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