Hi, we're Healthskouts

We believe we can help build a world where becoming ill is a thing of the past.
Even better, a world where one starts to make money from staying healthy.

For some this might sound disruptive. It should not. We’ve been there, a long time ago, when in some parts of China doctors got paid as long as people in the village remained healthy. Once you got ill, you no longer had to pay.

We believe we can show any healthcare stakeholder how to explore this novel vision, meanwhile offering its customers the ultimate experience one can encounter: delight. We'll do this via inspiring keynotes, personalised expert-curated newsletters, and a new tool, we call Connectors.

For sure we cannot do this alone. Therefore we are reaching out to everybody who discovers novel tools, products, services, experiences which help to build that world in which we get ill no more. We are all Healthskouts.


Koen Kas

Healthcare visionary

Prof. Dr. Koen Kas has over 25 years of experience in the health and biomedical sciences (elucidating disease, developing drugs & biomarkers, creating digital health plays beyond the pill). He is driven by the aim to make healthcare delightful, personalized and ultimately preventive. His creative fusion of technology & the arts inspiries any healthcare stakeholder to think outside of the warehouse where their boxes are stored and to explore unknown unknowns.

Koen publised his vision in two books: Nooit meer ziek, "Sick no more"), and just recently "Your guide to Delight", describing how we will evolve to such future.


Jeroen Knitel

Technical visionary

Jeroen Knitel, Ma. is a technical wunderkind specialized in software architecture and data analysis with over 15 years of experience. Educated in the academics behind new media & digital culture he combines both science branches when aiming to build innovative and trusted software infrastructures for online and mobile platforms.


Pieter Buteneers

Data Strategy and Machine Learning wizard

Pieter Buteneers, PhD. has a research background in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Brain Computer Interfaces and Epilepsy. At CoScale he helped develop their anomaly detection system, furthermore he has been training managers and developers to build and implement new strategies to extract value from data using Machine Learning algorithms.


Nicolas van de Kerkhof

Business development

Nicolas van de Kerkhof, MSc. is passionate about helping citizens and companies make sense of how emerging technologies impact the world of tomorrow. He is a young professional with a focus on creating healthcare business and building global partnerships to improve the quality of care. He completed his internship at Medtronic Australasia with success and became an advocate of innovation in healthcare. His entrepreneurial mind together with his interest in health and technology drives him to learn new things everyday. He is an EIT Health Starship fellow candidate and strong believer of co-creation by firms and customers.


Data / Marketing / Sales / Community builder

We are looking for driven data scientists, innovative marketing wizards and adequate sales representatives. Please contact us at join@healthskouts.com with your details.