Our value in many industries

Healthskouts is a platform useful in any health-related industry. Below we sketch out some scenarios in different industries we are already working with to give you a better idea of the possibilities of Healthskouts.

Note: each case illustrated below is anonymized heavily to honor any non-disclosure agreements


Pharmaceutical company

For a major pharma we scout for novel startups developing wearable tech that could be used to monitor a number of specific features in patients participating in a clinical trial for a given disease. This data is absent in classical competitive analysis databases (ThomsonReuters, Adis Insight etc). For another we scout examples to show the power of using real world data in the relation with their patients.


Biotech company

For a major biotech we scout the latest examples of engagement tools to reach-out to their end-users, the, patient.


Health insurer

For a leading health insurer we screen for digital learnings from abroad including failure and success with the implementation of novel business models.



A hospital anticipates the upcoming ‘war for reputation’ as performance measures become public. It wants to differentiate itself from other hospitals and therefore looks for a convenient digital tool to implement.


Startup accelerator or venture capital player

A VC needs competitive intelligence. It looks for like-companies or synergistic acquisition targets for a portfolio company.

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